Patiki Matariki | Porourangi Poutama | Patikitiki | Pou Tangata


As I've mentioned in my previous blog, I wanted to focus on the patterns of the tukutuku panels of  Waitangi wharenui . I've completed 6 paintings for the NZ Art Show, including these paintings Patiki, Porourangi Poutama, Patiki Matariki and Pou Tangata. Overall I have painted in total 5 tukutuku panel designs... I have 13 tukutuku patterns to go to complete the whole Waitangi collection... not sure if I'll do them all at once, but I'm sure I will paint them all in due time.

I want to dedicate my work to the women that made these beautiful tukutuku panels, I feel that they didn't get any recognition for there work. I've tried to find out who made the tukutuku panels for this wharenui, all I found was where the women made the panels, in Kaikohe not far from Waitangi. These unknown women that made these panels, I feel... were a part of keeping our culture alive, for generations these women were handed down the knowledge of making the tukutuku panels and the meaningful mythology/stories behind them from their iwi. Not only the women that made the panels at Waitangi... to all the women that have created tukutukus for there wharenui's, they all should be celebrated.